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Bioware's radio silence regarding ANTHEM - Is there a good reason for it?

After the game's update on April 23rd that brought us the addition of the Sunken Cell stronghold and various other QOL fixes and smaller updates, Bioware has been following a "radio silent" strategy regarding ANTHEM and it's development/live service progress.

Many want to argue that is a bad thing, others have convinced themselves that the game is "dead".

There's another group, that I personally fit in, that thinks Bioware is simply hard at work and has adopted the "actions speak louder than words" approach to dealing with the ANTHEM fans and playerbase.

In EA's earning call, ANTHEM was labeled as underperforming but also one of their best selling games for 2019, as well as definite reassurance that EA is standing behind Bioware on this and they are doubling down on the game's development and future updates/support.

Fast forward a couple weeks of Bioware communicating the absolute minimum and necessary info with us, comes a rather peculiar leak for ANTHEM.

No, i'm not talking about reddit's tinfoil theories about F2P and other imaginary scenarios that fulfill the fantasy of ANTHEM being "canned" and Bioware shutting down.

There's an oddly written article, albeit shady I might add, that seems to be conveying this tone of knowledge; if that makes sense.

It's true that dooming and glooming sells, so naturally people will make things up to farm some reddit karma or a few likes/comments on twitter.

But doing the opposite? I don't see the motive behind that.

On top of that, the writing seems almost angry. And in previous posts, the same person states that he/she is simply relaying information that people offer to him/her via his/hers connections around the industry.

So please, take the following with a huge spoon of salt.

According to this anonymous blogpost, Bioware is working on several things -updates- for ANTHEM.

Loot is allegedly being reworked, guilds and leaderboards are being added and many more updates are slated to be in the works right now.

Here's the full list:

  • - Bug fixes 
  • - QoL improvements (A patch with both bug fixes and QoL improvements is ready but is being held back to allow for at least some new content). 
  • - Multiple new strongholds 
  • - A stat screen 
  • - Cataclysm 
  • - Mastery System replacement (I am told it may or not be called the Mastery System) 
  • - Guilds 
  • - Leaderboards 
  • - New story 
  • - New lore 
  • - New Freeplay content 
  • - New missions 
  • - New challenges 
  • - New enemies 
  • - New loot system 
  • - Balance changes 
  • - Yes, new Javelin ideas are being tossed around. The team is NOT yet working on new Javelins. 
  •  - A pilot level increase is being discussed

Now, while we can't fully trust this allegedly leaked info, I must admit it does hold some water.

Most of the stuff pointed out, were on the roadmap for April but were delayed.
So it makes sense that they were worked on, even briefly, before the decision that the content wouldn't be ready on time.

On that basis alone, it's safe to assume that features like the Guilds/Leaderboards and Cataclysm are coming.

While other features like a loot rework or new strongholds, might take a while longer, since they naturally require more development resources to conceptualize, develop and polish.

Combine that info with the fact that one of the last statements from Jesse Anderson, ANTHEM's community manager, was:

...and you have a decent basis for some serious speculation.

All we have to do now is wait a bit longer, EA Play is next week, so we should be getting some ANTHEM news soon.

Until then, fly safe, freelancers!

Please take this source for what it is, it could potentially end up being someone making things up.
It wouldn't be the first time that has happened. People love some drama/speculation.
Source: http://mmogfails.blogspot.com/2019/05/relax-anthem-will-get-plethora-of.html

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