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Nvidia released a brand new Anthem trailer for CES, revealing that the game will now fully support their new DLSS technology!

And if that wasn't enough, on the same day, the EA Game Changers' embargo lifted, allowing people to publicize their alpha footage from a recent capture event in Sweden.

Let's begin with Nvidia's CES announcement for Anthem, the DLSS support will make the game not only look much better on the 20 series cards, but it'll also run better due to the nature of this new technology!

By merging traditional computer graphics and deep learning, DLSS provides a big leap in performance. We are excited to partner with NVIDIA to bring GeForce RTX technology to Anthem.
- Jon Warner, Game Director, BioWare

Here's the video in glorious 4K resolution!

If you think that's cool, hold on to your seats because the Game Changers embargo just lifted and there's a plethora of Anthem alpha gameplay on youtube, from several amazing content creators like Arekkz, Byf, Ashe, Datto, RyanCentral, RickKackis and many more!

I'll embed all their videos down below, so you can have them all in one place that you can easily come back to, or link to your friends!


IGN also had their fair share of exclusives, starting with a 15mins long Anthem gameplay showcasing the "Save Matthias, the Lost Arcanist" mission, as well as an extensive Storm javelin guide!

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