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ANTHEM Legion of Dawn trailer & Lore info!

In the darkest chapter of humanity’s history, one hero - General Helena Tarsis - rose up to bring us into the light.

The brave soldiers who joined her became enshrined in history as the Legion of Dawn and from the seeds of their sacrifice bloomed an entire civilization.

"Our world is a violent and cruel place. For centuries, we lived at its mercy, unable to rise above the violent chaos that shook our land and mutated the creatures around us. We would be suffering still, if not for the Legion of Dawn." 

Under the eye of General Helena Tarsis, they built the first javelins, protected us from the chaos, and created a new future for all those who came after.

Their story - her story - is what makes ours possible.

The First Javelins

When every day was a battle for survival, we had few resources to make better lives for ourselves – and even less time. But General Tarsis and those who followed her saw a different way forward.

One of her followers was Arden Vassa, an inventor and a genius in his time. He built the Javelin of Dawn, a forebear to the Colossus, and created one for each of General Tarsis’ disciples. 

With these powerful tools at their disposal, General Tarsis led the Legion of Dawn to victory against the forces of our raging world, finally giving us a chance to live in peace.

The Myths of General Tarsis

Though General Tarsis left this world long ago, she still leads us through her legends – stories of valor, might, and resolve that teach us how to live.

It is said that she scaled a mountain to defeat a massive beast at its peak and protect the people below. The Freelancers now fight to protect all of humanity, holding this story close to their hearts.

The Sentinels – those who hold the walls of Fort Tarsis – tell of a valiant stand where she and her lancers protected a village in the path of disaster.

It is believed that some artifacts from her life remain in the Fortress of Dawn. But the Fortress has stood firm through the centuries, sealed against any who try to open it. 

So, for our lifetimes, the legends must suffice.

Now a new threat is rising, as great as the dangers General Tarsis faced. 
You, Freelancer, must follow in her footsteps. 

Do, and you will become as legendary as the Legion before.

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