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Storm & Interceptor Anthem gameplay - November 1st developers livestream

Hey Freelancers, another week, another Anthem gameplay livestream! This time, Ben Irving and Micheal Gamble, both producers of Anthem, sat down and gave us some awesome duo gameplay from the perspectives of the Interceptor and Storm javelins respectively.

They start off right outside fort Tarsis and after a short flight and a few dozen dead Scars later, they arrive at The Sanctuary of Dunar, towards the western part of the known Anthem map.

What they show us next is how public world events work, with the unstable anomalies triggering the attention of the Dominion forces which arrive in via mysterious portal technology!

Just.. watch it!

Watch Anthem Developer Livestream featuring Lead Producers, Ben Irving and Mike Gamble. - #AnthemGame from anthemgame on www.twitch.tv

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