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Nov 15th ANTHEM livestream - Cosmetics, Personalization, Emotes and more!

November 15th was a fantastic day for us Freelancers, because we finally got a deep dive into ANTHEM's incredibly robust javelin personalization system, showing off some of the emotes and cosmetics players will be able to enjoy in the game.

Character Director Francis Lacuna and Associate Producer Leah Shinkewski joined Lead Producer Ben Irving and showcased the features available at the Forge for personalizing the appearance of your javelin.

The stream starts with the Appearance menu on screen, showcased on the Ranger javelin.

We can immediately see 8 sub-menus on the javelin, each corresponding to a different category.

  1. Helmet
  2. Paint (color picker/wheel)
  3. Arms
  4. Chest
  5. Wear State (weathering effect on paint/surfaces)
  6. Vinyls
  7. Legs
  8. Animations (Emotes,Victory Poses & Landing/Arrival animations)

Examples of Helmets menu personalization options:

Examples of Legs menu personalization options:

Examples of Chest menu personalization options:

Examples of Arms menu personalization options:

Examples of Vinyls menu personalization options:

Examples of Wear States menu personalization options:

Examples of Animations (emotes/arrival animations etc) menu personalization options:

Examples of the Paint menu personalization options:

Have you seen enough? There's more!

The paint system allows for multiple layers of personalization in itself! Besides the basic color picker and the color wheel, players will be able to pick different surface materials.

This is accomplished via material spheres, that vary between metal, cloth or other custom surfaces.
Just look at all the options available!

  • Hard Materials (Metals, etc) – Primary / Secondary / Tertiary
  • Soft Materials (Fabrics, etc) – Primary / Secondary / Tertiary

As you can see above, you can even pick different options for when you pick one of the metal surfaces, to make them represent a known metallic surface color, such as steel, or gold.

Combine all the options above and you end up with crazy amounts of unique combinations per javelin.

According to technical director, Brenon Holmes:

The Ranger personalization library currently has 46,506,440,376 different possibilities.

Which is a technicality, but what really shows is that people will be able to truly make their javelin their own. Custom paint it, use the parts that satisfy them visually and save the loadout as preset for later.

Speaking of matching parts, players will be able to mix and match gear freely. This means you can use just the Legion of Dawn helmet with the stock javelin look - or any other parts they find suitable to their taste.

This works because stats gear and cosmetic gear is separate in ANTHEM.

Wrapping this up, you can watch the entire ANTHEM Nov 15th livestream here:



You can also check out my thoughts and impressions of the livestream, as well as chatting with the stream viewers [check pinned comment for timestamps] here:

P.S. Enjoy these awesome bonus screeshots.

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