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Tarsis Weekly #4 - Anthem news recap - Week of October 7th, 2018

Hey there Freelancers! It's time for another Tarsis Weekly, our Anthem news recap that goes over the latest and greatest pieces of #anthemgame info. This week was a bit slow, until Mark Darrah started answering more fan questions on twitter, so here's what I consider to be the most important ones.

Let's begin with a game design change, for the way players will be unlocking access to the other 3 javelins past the initial Ranger one.

Initially, we knew that the javelin unlock missions became available after a short period of time, at "low level" and players had the option to unlock all the javelins at that point, at their discretion. That meant you could do all the unlock missions one after the other and get all 4 javelins "at once".

Now that's changing a bit, with Anthem players still being able which one to unlock next, but there is a level requirement, which comes in at a 5 level interval. 
(note: Everything is subject to change, as you can read below Mark said "TBD")

On the topic, Ben Irving commented that the initial missions are not removed!

Next up we were presented with the name "The Forge". It's the place where players can customize their javelins, for both cosmetic and gear loadouts. There's actually two of them, one inside Fort Tarsis and one inside the Strider.

Image and video below show the Forge located inside Fort Tarsis!

The other major thing which was touched upon this week was Bioware's plan to deal with "toxicity", cheaters and the lot. According to Chris Schmidt and his insightful posts on reddit, 

Bioware seems to be taking this issue seriously and have studied how other major game development studios (Riot,Blizzard,etc) have dealt with it in the past, to figure out what works and what doesn't.

They seem to have data which backs up that League of Legends' honor system and Overwatch's endorsement levels actually work and they want(or have already) to implement a similar feature in Anthem.

Finally we have yet another teaser by Ben Irving, who has possibly hinted towards the nature of what the next major Anthem news update will be focusing on and that's gear,loot and progression.
I'm personally really looking forward to that one!

With that said, it's time to conclude this week's Tarsis Weekly article!
Cya again next week Freelancers! Fly safe!

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