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Tarsis Weekly #2 - Anthem news recap - Week of September 23rd, 2018

Despite this week being a quiet one for Anthem news, we still got some nice info for you, Freelancers!

The most important being Bioware addressing the way to play Anthem & ways to get into the Feb 1st VIP demo, Feb 15th early access and 10-hour trial.

They did that by releasing a really hand chart. Check it out!

In regards to the chart above, a lot of people naturally asked questions of whether their progress would carry over from the Demo.

Mark Darrah replied

Progress will carry over from the full game early access on the 15th and the 10 hours long trial, so keep that in mind if you're a PC player who wants to get in early and play the game day 1.

Next up, for the first time we received official confirmation of an anti-cheat system existing for Anthem. Great news!

Lastly, from the Edmonton Expo going on over at Canada, we got a ton of new pics of the awesome, one of a kind, real life javelin exosuits! Enjoy!

That's all for this week's recap. Have a good one, freelancers!

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