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Tarsis Weekly #3 - Anthem news recap - Week of September 30th, 2018

As we slowly but steadily approach Anthem's release, we inevitably start getting more and more info about the game and how certain features work. 

Despite the info being released all over the place; Twitter replies, Reddit comments, Discord comments, etc, often mixed with older info directed to repeated questions, I note the new ones down and summarize them for you every week!

The most important piece of news that took place this week, came in the form of an official Bioware blog update by Casey Hudson and it was none other than the glorious announcement of Anthem entering the stage of Alpha testing.
This is amazing news and as I previously stated on Twitter, Anthem officially entering the Alpha phase is truly the best news we've heard so far, because it means the game is within Bioware's schedule and will launch on time. Which is is awesome to hear! Huge respect for everyone working hard on it.

Moving on, we got an incredible close up of one of the many creatures that inhabit Anthem's world, the vicious Grabbit!

Looks like Bioware is slowly allowing the developers to share things with the Anthem fans and we should definitely be keeping an eye for more tweets like that in the coming months. Awesome!

Next up, we have some clarification on the name "Mirrus" that appeared in one of the many articles that were released during the Anthem panel at PAX West.

According to Anthem's technical director, Brenon Holmes, the name refers to either the continent that the playable area is set in, or a region within it. This shuts down any speculation we had on it being the Anthem planet's name, which will remain unknown for now!

Finally, Mark Darrah confirmed that end game group content -Anthem's version of raids- will also have matchmaking! We knew that some form of end game content that is similar to what other games' call "raids" existed, but we never had an official response confirming they are in the game, let alone included into the matchmaking systems.

There you have it Freelancers! That's all the major news we received this week! Until the next time, fly safely!

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