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Anthem Lore bits! Matthias & The Arcanists

The PAX West Anthem panel's focus was on the story and lore of Anthem, allowing us to get a glimpse into the various factions that exist in the game's world.

Take the Arcanists for example.
The character below, is called Matthias and he is a member of the Arcanists faction.

You search for him during a mission because he is labeled as "lost" and you possibly have to rescue him from some elite Ursix trying to eat him for dinner.

After he is rescued, he seems to appear in Fort Tarsis and then you get to talk to him and potentially get missions/rewards from him.

But who are the Arcanists?

The oldest faction in Bastion, Arcanists can be found at every level of society, from giving basic instruction to researching shaper relics in the wild. There are various arcanist academies, depending on the field of study, though all arcanists see the gathering and preserving of information as their spiritual and moral duty.
They are scientist-mystics who have dedicated themselves to researching the mysteries of the world of Anthem, the Arcanists research both the natural frontier as well as the technological.

Their ultimate goal is to gather, categorize, and preserve the complete knowledge of humanity.
Their tireless promotion of knowledge and teaching has been directly or indirectly responsible for much of the technological advancement of this world.

The Arcanists seem obsessed with the Shapers! They also seek everything related to the Anthem of Creation and knowledge in general. They definitely sound like they are the kind of people you want to keep close to you, especially because they might hold the answers to some of your struggles!

What do you guys think of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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