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AnthemInsider is now part of EA's Game Changers Network!

Freelancers! Today I am proudly announcing that I'm now officially part of EA's Game Changers for Bioware's ANTHEM! This means many upcoming opportunities for us as an Anthem community to enjoy exclusive stuff.

Huge thanks to Andrew Jonhson (Global Community lead on AnthemGame) for inviting me to the Game Changers Network and to YOU, the AI community for your endless support.

We made it guys! Now all you gotta do, is stay tuned for more #anthemgame content!

You don't have to wait too long, though. My next article will be about my trip to GamesCom 2018 and the exclusive Anthem hands-on experience I had there.

Yes, you read that correctly, I played the game during GamesCom 2018 and although it was the same E3 demo we've all watched 100 times (or more), it gave me some valuable insight on what to expect from a newer, more polished version of the game.

To give you a taste, the demo I played had great animations, incredibly responsive character movement and flying was amazing, offering a sense of freedom within the huge world of Anthem!

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