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EAPlay 2018 ANTHEM presentation Recap - Gameplay, Trailers, Interviews & more!

Freelancers! The day we all waited for finally arrived. There is so much ANTHEM info out there, one doesn't know where to start with!

Starting yesterday, during the EA Play ANTHEM presentation event, we began to see a lot of new ANTHEM footage, images and there was also a ton of info that came in through various sources like twitter, interviews and more

Needless to say, I am personally even more excited about ANTHEM than before, the game looks amazing and super fun to play!

Okay, let's start with the official ANTHEM 2018 cinematic trailer.

Followed by the great EA Play press conference, the full 18 mins of it and all the juicy ANTHEM information that came in with it!

There is no stopping there though! Bioware talked with IGN, in the typical exclusive interviews we usually see, about the ANTHEM story, the world events and also end game!

Jon Warner also did an amazing job narrating and explaining some of the ANTHEM gameplay we  saw! He talked about the Scar, the Dominion, the Sentinels and more!

He also did an 18 mins long interview with IGN, where they talked in depth about the social aspect in ANTHEM, among other important things.

GameInformer also did a great "rapid-fire" Q&A with Mark Darrah, which is both highly informative and hilarious at the same time!

Which was followed by an exclusive coverage trailer with Mike Gamble, Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah giving some valueable insight to ANTHEM's creation and development.

Lastly, they got to finally talk about their hands-on with ANTHEM -which many of us are certainly jealous off- and expressed their feelings and impressions from the mission they got to play.

Really long video but worth it!

That's all for now guys, after a year of radio silence, we now have tons of footage and info to drool over, watch 400 times and over-analyze!


Sources: IGN & GameInformer

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