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ANTHEM Lore & Theories - Fort Tarsis

Kicking off a new series, Lore & Theories, in this article we'll talk about Fort Tarsis. Where it is located in the ANTHEM world, what's its purpose, where it goes its name from and what Freelancers are able to do inside it.

[Video version for those who hate reading, or prefer audio/visual over text]

Let's start with the basics. Fort Tarsis is the city where a lot of the last people who survived the hostile ANTHEM world and the dangers that live around every corner of the jungles, caverns and mountains, have taken refuge in.

It is designed in such a way, so that it can withstand a potential siege. Surrounded by thick walls, essentially acting like an armor, automatic anti-air guns and strategically placed in high elevation, it protects the Free People of Fort Tarsis from "what lies beyond".

And trust me, there's a lot of things outside the walls of Fort Tarsis that just want its people dead. Several enemy factions like the Dominion, the Scar, the Ancients and the Shapers but also hostile beasts, like the huge spider like Swarm Tyrant!

So where did this city get its name from?

Well, it was named after the legendary General Helena Tarsis.
She was part of the Legion of Dawn, the very first group of  javelin pilots, the original Freelancers! They, in fact, handcrafted their javelin exosuits in order to fight back against the Dominion and imbue courage and hope to the people of Fort Tarsis.

Fort Tarsis is a central, integral part of ANTHEM. It has dozens of NPCs the player can interact with and each of them oozes with personality. They were specifically made in such a way, to feel as lifelike as possible.

In the city, which is an offline solo area for the player, is where the ANTHEM storyline progresses.
It's a hub that centralizes all of the important story decisions (the single-player part), while the rest of the world outside Fort Taris is where the multiplayer part takes place.

But that's not it!

While in Fort Tarsis (and outside of your exosuit), you can walk around, explore the fort, talk to NPCs, pick up quests, put stuff in your vault, craft, do all sorts of fun stuff. You are more "vulnerable" being outside the javelin, but other players' actions have no effect on you or your game while in  Fort Tarsis.

The fort is where you will be building (or destroying!) relationships with various NPCs, depending on your choices and actions. Bioware wants to focus more on friendships rather than romances with ANTHEM and Fort Tarsis will be one of the main places where those will be taking place.

There will be vendors and a warehouse/vault area, to buy/sell and store items. I believe Fort Tarsis is where we'll be "unsealing" the higher rarity gear we find during missions and strongholds but since that is always subject to change, please don't hold onto it as its a fact.

Then, after you’ve done all that you wanted to do, and you feel like you want to get a mission or free roam for a while, you can go get that mission and come back to the pad where your exosuit waits for you.

If you have an active loadout you’re happy with, simply get in the suit and head off for an adventure.
If not, you can open up the interface and customize your loadout as you see fit. Once you're done, you go and choose the mission that you feel like doing next and head off into the wild.

So there you have it Freelancers! This is more or less all the current known info about Fort Tarsis.
I hope you enjoyed it!

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