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Anthem Game Giveaway - 3 Digital Copies - Worldwide Eligibility

We want to say a huge thanks from the Anthem Insider team to all our followers for their valuable support.

This is to thank you and show to everyone that we really do care and that we want to give some love back to our community!

The giveaway is available worldwide. Each one of the 3 winners will get to pick the platform and region of their choice and we'll send them the appropriate key.

Three (3) winners will be randomly selected via the Gleam app when the contest ends (ETA: February 10th, 2019 - subject to change).

The winners will be announced the next day, on all our social media, website and Reddit. Also on our twitch channel, so stay tuned!

Enter below for a chance to win one of the three (3) digital copies of Bioware's upcoming action-rpg, Anthem™.

Anthem Game Giveaway - 3 Digital Copies - Sponsored by Anthem Insider - AI Club

Good luck and we'll see you at Fort Tarsis, Freelancers!

Learn more about the AI Club membership and its benefits:

Disclaimer: This promotional giveaway is not endorsed/sponsored/affiliated in any way, shape or form with EA/Bioware and/or any of their subsidiaries.

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