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Will Anthem have aim assist?

Have you watched the E3 Anthem trailer? I have. Over 200 times.

Re-watching it that many times means I've caught a lot of details that could have easily been overlooked and hard to spot easter-eggs that Bioware has hidden in the trailer.

Today, I want to talk to you about one of the those details which worries me.

At around the 03:00 minute mark of the gameplay reveal trailer, where a huge beast bursts into the main scene and charges towards our Freelancer.. (It's the part when the Ranger leaves the forest and reaches some ruins.)

During this part, we get a glimpse of how Bioware's dynamic NPC spawn system will potentially work and that's why many people might overlook a minor detail that's right there, hidden in plain sight.

That little detail is aim assist. Yes, you read that correctly. Let me explain.

The ranger sees the huge creature and starts aiming at it. Now if you look closely, the reticle seems to be following the monster's hitbot as it moves. I hate comparing games since each one is unique, but let's look back a few months.

Do you remember Destiny 2 and the outrage that surrounded the fact it had built-in aim-assist, even for the PC version of the game? Remember how aggressive the setting was and how some players exploited the aim-assist to trick the game into thinking they had a controller plugged in, but in reality were using a mouse and keyboard?

That's a little bit worrying to me. I know the footage is from the console version, yet I can't help to imagine how quickly things can go south if Bioware repeats Bungie's mistake with aim-assist.

Don't get me wrong, for the console versions, it should definitely be implemented. It's when you add PC players to the mix, alongside with their love about pointing out how superior a mouse & keyboard is over a controller, things tend to get heated up a little bit.

My suggestion would be to keep the controller support for the PC (without the aim-assist), so that players who want to sit down and enjoy a couple casual games from the comfort of their couch, can still do it without affecting those who want to play more competitively.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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