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Ubisoft learned from its mistakes, Bioware can too!

A common argument you will find against the possibility of Anthem being a success is that Mass Effect: Andromeda was bad, therefore what ever game that follows should also be bad.

I strongly disagree.

I am currently playing Far Cry 5, and while blowing up bad guys for the 11th hour into the game, I came to the realization that I am enjoying this particular Far Cry a whole lot more than any previous iteration of the series!

Not only did Ubisoft learn from the tedious and repetitive issues that plagued the previous versions, they acknowledged, improved and even went as far as openly mocking them.
In case you're wondering, I'm talking about the mechanic which was previously used when climbing the towers.

Those of you that played Far Cry 3 might remember the endless game loop of climbing towers and activating them as a way to advance the game.

Not in Far Cry 5.

The point being, having the ability to look back at previous games, read the reactions and opinions of the playerbase, then design a future game based off that input should be the normal part of any game's development cycle.

The argument that Anthem will be bad because of what EA has done with Battlefront II (which they corrected by removing lootboxes), or because Mass Effect:Andromeda was not a blockbuster success, will be proven wrong.

Bioware has delayed Anthem because they have learned from the missteps of the past year and they want to make sure that they deliver on this new game in a way that will surprise us all!

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