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Is Bioware inviting streamers and youtubers over to try Anthem?

There's hints everywhere on Twitter about this. Little birds tweeting about flying over to Canada.

What's there to do in Canada anyway? It's very cold and it snows heavily all the time.

But wait, Bioware Edmonton is there.

Maybe that's where all these Destiny and Division youtubers and streamers are heading to. The place where Anthem is being developed, the place where all the recent game's milestones were met and the place that definitely has a playable version of Anthem!

We're talking about Gothalion, who is apparently traveling to Canada unprepared for the amount of cold, according to his tweet.

Oh, we're jealous alright.

We're jealous like the last time -a month ago- similar rumors surfaced the internet. Hey Bioware, we want to have fun too!

At the time, MoreConsole, a youtuber with almost 1m subscribers, announced in one of his videos that he'll be traveling to Canada for something "secret". He couldn't just give it away so he hinted that it's a game that his fans have repeatedly asked him to cover. Anthem.

Here's a link to his video announcement: https://youtu.be/H6_1GSgTh6U?t=10m7s

And here's the tweet he posted after he had arrived at the hotel he was staying in.

It's also worth noting that the Radisson Hotel is literally across the street from Bioware Edmonton's offices.

Now, we're not that smart over here at Anthem Insider, so we outsourced the math and it turns out 1+1=2. Who would have thought?

Bioware must be inviting people with large fanbases who are currently covering Destiny, over at their Edmonton offices.

But why?

We believe it is because of two major reasons.

First of all, Destiny is in the same genre with Anthem, so they are direct competitors, whether we like that or not.

It's smart of Bioware to scout the field out and get a feel for what people might expect from a game within the action-rpg genre.
And what better way to do that than inviting people already familiar with Destiny and its fanbase?
They get people experienced with Destiny to try out Anthem and give them valuable feedback.

The second reason, is pure speculation on our part. But please hear us out.

We think that EA is planning an event similar to last year's Battlefront II livestream that took place during the 2017 EAPlay event.
Many youtubers were invited over and played the game during its gameplay reveal live on stream, for everyone to enjoy watching.

We distinctly remember Muselk playing Battlefront 2 and offering his opinion about it live versus other youtubers.

It was fun to watch and there is no reason to believe EA will market Anthem much differently.
It worked last year and there will surely be tweaks to the formula but it'll most likely be along the lines of what we saw before.

"Don't try to fix what's not broken", fits nicely here.

So it would make sense to assume Bioware is both consulting and preparing these individuals for the big Anthem reveal in June 10th 2018.

Seems to us like things are slowly kicking into gear, which means more Anthem info will be coming out sooner, rather than later.

Stay tuned!

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