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Is bad press hurting Anthem already?

Anthem is in trouble, Anthem on the ropes, Anthem is going to flop, worst Anthem news yet, another Anthem dev "quits", we hate EA and we don't need to actually get our hands on the game before we hate on it as well. Plus we get free clickbait views and call it a day early in the office.

What was just described is the bad press currently surrounding Anthem. It's like a bunch of press outlets and channels grouped up and decided its a good idea to bully a video game that's almost a year away from release!

This has to STOP.

The earliest we're going to see any core Anthem gameplay will be in 3 months from now and those who know more about it, or have already played it, have signed an NDA with EA Bioware.

So until then, all this non-sense must come to an end. It's shameful to read and watch a plethora of articles and videos respectively from both amateurs and professional journalists alike, who decided to skip doing any research before publishing.

Or, perhaps, it is in fact, their intention to provoke and divide.
Controversial clickbait and views-fishing.

At some point everyone needs to realize that "fake news", can and will cause damage. People who read the website articles and watch the videos usually do it because they don't have enough time to do extensive research themselves!

What do you think this portion of the Anthem fan-base will think? Surely this type of press negativity can't be a good thing for the demographic that's interested in Bioware's upcoming action-rpg.

This was discussed in a reddit thread and some people made some very good comments on it.

For example, it doesn't make sense that developers would just "abandon ship" once things go south.

It's bad for their own reputation. Who's going to hire an animator who left because "the game was bad"? How do you even begin to put that on a resume and send it in to the next games studio?

It just doesn't look good on resume's or job interviews.
"Why did you leave Bioware before Anthem's release?"
"Oh, because the game was in the toilet and I didn't want to stick around to help fix it."
That's just what employers want, developers who leave instead of staying to help fix the mess. 

- /u/Ukumio
With that out of the way, we should focus on the simple fact that nobody is being forced to buy/play the game. As much as we wish magic spheres that predict the future existed, they sadly don't.

Nobody can tell what the future holds, that's the beauty of it. There's indications though, for sure.

Indications like the facts that Anthem has met all the milestones set for it and we've got confirmation of that (multiple times for different milestones met) on Twitter.

This simply means that Anthem has publicly successfully hit two major milestones and that's obviously a good thing. (no idea why we have to explain this!)

We at Anthem Insider can't wait to see more of it during the EA Play event in June. Or maybe even get our hands on it! (wink wink looking at you Bioware)

So please, until then, relax with the doom and gloom posts and videos. We get it. Views and clicks are good but you know what's better?

Telling the truth, doing actual research and building trust with your audience.

Have a good one, Freelancers!

Source & credit for the idea to u/Pilcr0w and his post on r/AnthemTheGame

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