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Drew Kapryshyn has left Bioware. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Does this impact Anthem?

Probably not. Drew Kapryshyn is an amazing writer, well-known for his novels and video games work. He has left Bioware a few times in the past and returned later, so him leaving is not out of the norm.

You shouldn't be worried by this. He even explains it on his blog post with an announcement on the matter, titled "A New Beginning".
As of Friday, March 2, I am no longer an employee of BioWare/EA.
I’m leaving to pursue a number of other projects, including more original novels, an original sci-fi graphic novel I’m co-creating, and freelance gaming work.
As he feared, people are overreacting to this, potentially thinking that it has to do with Anthem. It doesn't. People in the industry often leave their positions to work on other, more exciting projects. It's normal.

Drew is currently joining Fogbank Entertainment, a newly founded games studio by FoxNext Games.
With him will be more ex-Bioware employees like Daniel Erickson (17years at Bioware) and Alex Freed (15 years at Bioware).
I’m very excited to be part of the Fogbank team. I’ve worked with both Daniel and Alex before in my BioWare days, and I really like what they’re building.
As far as we are concerned, his work on Anthem was done. Otherwise he wouldn't have left.
Talented people like Drew Kapryshyn don't leave their work half-finshed, pack things up and leave!

He finally wanted to ask people to refrain from e-mail asking to essentially become Bioware's whistleblower, which we are glad to report that he won't be doing anytime soon.
Please don’t e-mail me asking for more information about why I’m leaving – there is no dirty laundry I’m just waiting to air. And please don’t ask about any BioWare projects I’ve been working on – just because I’ve left BioWare doesn’t mean I’m going to start blabbing all their secrets.

Since then, Casey Hudson, Anthem's general manager commented on the issue.

Source: Drew Kapryshyn's personal blog: http://drewkarpyshyn.com/c/?p=1068

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